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  • Talent concept

    Talent concept

    The investment in talent cultivation, known as' ten years of trees, a hundred years of talents', is the most profitable investment. To cultivate talents well, it is necessary to establish a people-oriented concept, promote the healthy growth of talents, and fully play the role of talents, which has always been the primary goal of Jinjiang.

    Jinjiang adheres to the concept of equality for all and caring for talents. There is no difference in status between people, only differences in responsibilities. The company respects employees' personalities and pursuits, encourages them to improve their abilities, and recognizes their achievements. At the same time, attention should be paid to balancing the interests of both the enterprise and its employees, advocating for unity and cooperation among employees, creating and sharing value together in work, ultimately achieving a win-win situation of common development and shared success between the enterprise and its employees.

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