Komli Mobile is a leading performance based mobile advertising network that enables highly targeted mobile advertising. Read More

  • Performance Mobile Ads
  • Mobile Video
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Global Reach



Komli Mobile offers mobile publishers a convenient  and profitable revenue to monetize mobile properties. Read More

  • Transparent Network
  • Real-time Analytics, Dashboards
  • Monetizing Apps & Mobile Sites
  • Support Direct / Mediation Traffic



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Self service

Komli Mobile is a completely self service platform. Prepay using a credit card and get started.

Pixel tracking

Pixel tracking is a way of tracking conversions or specific actions on your site through a simple conversion tracking pixel. Click here to learn more

Sub id tracking

Using sub-id tracking, Komli Mobile can pass back specific campaign parameters including publisher id, creative ids etc back to the landing page. Click here to learn more

Real-time analytics

Komli Mobile features real-time analytics enabling you to make changes to take critical decisions relating to optimizing your campaign quickly

Comprehensive APIs

Komli Mobile features comprehensive APIs that allow publishers to access data from the platform on a near real-time basis

Various Platforms supported

Komli Mobile supports various platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7 and the mobile web. There are separate SDKs for each platform..

Real-time analytics

Komli Mobile supports real-time analytics that enable publishers to extract relevant data at real time... Read More

Case Studies case study

Mobile Content Subscriptions:
The mobile content company worked directly with Komli Mobile to improve their downloads and increase subscriptions to content downloads. The campaign was targeted for users in South Africa, Australia, Denmark and a few other countries in Western Europe.

Komli Mobile worked closely with the customer to create campaign creatives and launched the campaign on already popular subscription based sites and social networks. The campaign was refreshed frequently. The landing pages were designed to highlight latest content that was in high demand so that the users can click to subscribe and purchase. Read More